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Hosted PBX or ISDN: What’s right for your business?

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Tooba Altaf author , Friday April 29, 2016

Imagine the impression that you can give to the customer if your phone line is not working due to any reason, which is a possible occurrence in the traditional telephone system (ISDN). However, hosted PBX is a great alternative to the ISDN that comes with a full-fledged backup plan in case of emergencies.

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Virtual Number (DIDs): Changing the way you communicate with customers throughout the world

  #Business Solutions   #DIDs   #Virtual Numbers

Tooba Altaf author , Friday March 18, 2016

One of the biggest benefits of having virtual numbers is the fact that you can have multiple numbers pointing at the same PBX system without the need of physical lines, thus giving you an international presence all coming to the same number without any call forwarding costs etc.

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Enchanting SIP Trunks: Enhance your customer experience

  #Secure SIP   #SIP Termination   #SIP Trunks   #Wavetel SIP

Tooba Altaf author , Friday January 29, 2016

In today’s time, the corporate ecosystem is working on a different dynamics and parameters than it used to be a decade ago. Now, the word of mouth does not necessarily mean friends and relatives. The internet has given a new definition to the term “word of mouth”. Anybody or anyone who has shared an opinion about your brand online is playing a huge impact in shaping your brand image.

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Wavetel’s Secure SIP Trunks

  #Secure SIP   #SIP   #SIP Termination   #SIP Trunks

Tooba Altaf author , Friday January 22, 2016

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network, like all other things on the internet, is venerable to security threats. The decision to move to a better and cheaper telecommunication option is very wise. However, you need to pay equal attention to the security of the phone system as well.

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Cloud based Hosted PBX | Wavetel

  #Business Phone System   #Cloud Based PBX   #Hosted PBX

Tooba Altaf author , Friday January 8, 2016

Hosted PBX is widely accepted by businesses and more companies are jumping on this bandwagon. This surge has given a rise to the hosted PBX service providers. The market is saturated and you will find a number of service providers with competitive features and packages.

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