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, Tuesday November 25, 2014

Mobile connectivity; a feature that was once present in only the most expensive of mobile devices is ubiquitously present in all smartphones. Not only this, high speed mobile connectivity, which was a luxury for most business owners and employees alike to afford, is provided by all carriers in order to provide an effortless link between clients and employees in a cloud hosted PBX business communication environment. Now, smartphones are about to be incorporated with even faster LTE modems, providing high upload and download speeds that will deliver uninterrupted connectivity in a business that has adopted a cloud hosted PBX setup.

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, Thursday November 20, 2014

The latest wireless standard to become an omnipresent entity is the 802.11 ac wireless standard. According to several details, this particular wireless standard has a maximum theoretical bandwidth of nearly 7Gbps (gigabits per second) when connected to the 5 GHz frequency. However, do to the current limitations, the initial products that are being rolled out can only provide a theoretical maximum speed 1.3Gbps (3 x 433.3Mbps streams with 80MHz channels). That being said, conditions for achieving this particular form of speed will be extremely difficult to find.

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, Tuesday November 18, 2014

Believe it or not, cloud hosted PBX systems have developed such a level of flexibility that they are no longer bound to business owners who require business communication platform for their communication purposes. Cloud hosted PBX has now branched out to a variety of businesses, including Estate Agencies. For a regular individual, the sheer idea of installing a cloud hosted PBX system will raise more questions than answers and as a result, lead to nothing but puzzlement. However, there are several advantages that Estate Agency owners and their employees will gain once they get around to installing Wave-tel’s cloud hosted PBX systems.

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, Thursday November 13, 2014

Educational institutes have provided students with not only a flexible curriculum, but other facilities that will allow them to make themselves useful and contribute to their country one way or another. Cloud hosted PBX systems can help to improve the overall landscape of educational institutes that will benefit the students and institute’s staff as well. 1. Save costs and in turn, improve the overall landscape Nearly all institutes are looking to cut costs and save money one way or another. However, the way they do this results in a tarnished reputation. Budget cuts, layoffs and the increasing of tuition fee might end up saving the institutes’ overall costs, but at the expense of their reputation. There are several ways how an educational institute can end up saving money and maintain its reputation at the same time.

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, Tuesday November 11, 2014

Hospitals are the perfect example of institutes that have to continue to respond to emergency related situations for as long as they continue to stand on their concrete pillars. Over time, responding to these emergency related situations have improved thanks to the upgrading of the area’s networking infrastructure. Even so, there are a few instances where the emergency situation gets too overwhelming to tackle. That can easily be justified as not everyone can maintain a cool and calm composure long enough for those emergencies to be tackled. However, if the medical institute had a proper communication platform, such as a cloud hosted PBX, even the biggest emergency situations can easily be tackled. How? Let us find out.

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