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, Thursday October 23, 2014

Here are 5 myths of SIP Trunking that have been debunked in order to muster up confidence in business owners to make the switch to the new platform VoIP communications has displayed an increasing amount of momentum in the couple of years that will most likely overshadow legacy equipment in the coming years. Naturally, even though there are numerous benefits to its applications such as SIP Trunking (which is a VoIP service based on the Sensation Initiation Protocol),

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, Thursday October 2, 2014

ISDN does offer several advantages over PSTN networks, but does it stand a chance against SIP Trunking services? Let us find out. ISDN offers several cost advantages over PSTN services. That advantage’s scalability increases in those organizations which have employed the use of multiple telephone lines. While this platform has several benefits, it cannot provide the many golden perks that Wavetel’s SIP Trunking possesses. However, are those perks so large in number that they will incline business owners to make the business communication switch to SIP Trunking? Let us take a look.

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, Tuesday September 30, 2014

The easiest to deploy, maintain, and offering the lowest capital expenditure costs for any organization, Wavetel answers to you ‘Why Cloud Hosted PBX’. If business owners are running a communication setup and during all this time, they have not heard the benefits of VoIP and its applications, they have probably spent their time living under a rock. Cloud hosted PBX systems belong to those category of systems that are the most easiest to deploy, the most simplest to maintain, and not to mention offering the lowest capital expenditure costs for any organization, while maintaining proper network delivery and infrastructure. However, if you are still hell bent on asking yourself, why Cloud Hosted PBX, then Wavetel’s services will answer your questions swiftly.

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, Friday September 26, 2014

The term ‘unified communications’ might be known to a few people, but it being a feature of SIP Trunking can take your business to new heights. While SIP Trunking holds an abounding number of features for the supplementation of businesses that are in need of improving their communication setups, there is another feature that allows SIP Trunking to be placed in the highest stratum of a business communication setup. That feature is known as unified communications. The term ‘unified communications’ might be branded as arcane, but its benefits will serve you better than the doubts that you are currently embroiled in. What is meant by unified communications?To understand the capabilities of SIP Trunking setups, you must first become knowledgeable on what is a unified communication setup.

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, Tuesday September 23, 2014

The latest record broken over file transfer over a single fiber line; cloud hosted file transferring will get a lot faster in the near future. While cloud computing and their countless number of services, which include cloud hosted PBX systems and VoIP phones have come a long way for providing businesses the means to store copious number of files on offsite servers, one of the greatest limitations that cloud computing has faced so far is the transfer rate at which data can be stored. Though large capacity hard drives that carry a very friendly price tag are able to mitigate the storage gap created for lots of companies, lack of bandwidth is still a problem for several companies that have adopted IP phone systems.

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