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, Thursday July 10, 2014

While running an organization, there are some elements that can be controlled and then, there are some elements that are out of the organization’s hand. The elements that are out of the organization’s hand are disasters that severely disrupt the productivity level in an organization.

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, Tuesday July 8, 2014

Since large scale organizations have their own equipment in order to facilitate communication with other businesses to help run the day to day operations of the company, it falls upon the medium and small scale businesses to upgrade their existing communication infrastructure to either help provide quality of service to their customers in terms of feedback and service delivery, or to extend long lasting relationships with other businesses to improve trade between two countries.

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, Thursday July 3, 2014

Perhaps one of the greatest combinations of business communication channels is cloud hosted PBX. This particular technology allows small and medium sized businesses to upgrade their existing level of communication by adopting a sophisticated telephone system without massively allocating exorbitant funds in telephone equipment.

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, Tuesday July 1, 2014

When a traditional phone system and a PBX system are pitted against one another, which system is going to end up being the clear winner? Naturally, the PBX system. Why? It is because since PBX systems are a product of a higher iterations of technology,

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, Friday June 27, 2014

If you end up investing in software based IP PBX telephony systems over a traditional based telephone system; then your mind is making a lot of sense not just to you, but also for companies who already have a PBX. Not only is an IP PBX system able to save you significant amounts of money through the procurement of inexpensive equipment, it is also able to maintenance costs and office space, making it most obvious for you and for your company. Here are several reasons why you should opt for IP PBX telephony systems.

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