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, Tuesday November 11, 2014

Hospitals are the perfect example of institutes that have to continue to respond to emergency related situations for as long as they continue to stand on their concrete pillars. Over time, responding to these emergency related situations have improved thanks to the upgrading of the area’s networking infrastructure. Even so, there are a few instances where the emergency situation gets too overwhelming to tackle. That can easily be justified as not everyone can maintain a cool and calm composure long enough for those emergencies to be tackled. However, if the medical institute had a proper communication platform, such as a cloud hosted PBX, even the biggest emergency situations can easily be tackled. How? Let us find out.

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, Friday November 7, 2014

The principle that remained constant in our ever changing world is that there is always going to be some form of technology that will either have an impact on the current technology in two ways. Either it will improve the functioning of the products that have fallen in to the current technological timeline or,It will completely replace it.Cloud hosted PBX is one of those business communication setups that has replaced traditional setups such as ISDN as the more flexible and cost effective platform. Here are some of the upcoming technologies that will take cloud hosted PBX to a whole new level.

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, Thursday November 6, 2014

There is no question concerning the prowess of Cloud Hosted PBX systems compared to a traditional PBX system for a business communication setup. However, while business owners have heard from all corners concerning the abounding number of features that Cloud Hosted PBX offers, there is another feature present in Cloud Hosted PBX that forms the core of the entire setup. Virtual numbers. Virtual numbers, or more commonly known as access numbers, is a telephone number working in an organization that has no strings attached. In other words, virtual numbers come with without a directly associated telephone line.

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, Thursday October 30, 2014

Capacity Europe will proudly be showcasing its event for the 14th year, uniting all the leading telecom players to showcase their telecom paraphernalia that will eventually become the leading drivers in improving the global landscape of telecommunication. Taking off from the 3rd of November till the 5th in Amsterdam, there are several highlights of the conference that all scalable businesses; especially those who want to improve their entire business communication platform should take note. Out of an abounding number of attendees visiting the event, a handful of them will be representing Wavetel, which has displayed its proficiency related to several business communication setups that will benefit a variety of businesses, no matter how big or small they are.

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, Tuesday October 28, 2014

Perhaps the most colossal and highlighted feature of hard drives until now has always been the amount of capacity they boast in a single drive. With a variety of hard drives now being offered with increased capacities and lowered prices, hard drives’ storage capacities are expected to increase by 250 percent in the next 3 years. While there may be different forms of storage solutions available (ranging from solid state drives, solid state hybrid drives, external hard drives and smaller form factor drives), the ones that benefit cloud enterprise solutions as well as small and medium sized companies are the ones that offer the most capacity per buck.

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