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, Tuesday September 23, 2014

The latest record broken over file transfer over a single fiber line; cloud hosted file transferring will get a lot faster in the near future. While cloud computing and their countless number of services, which include cloud hosted PBX systems and VoIP phones have come a long way for providing businesses the means to store copious number of files on offsite servers, one of the greatest limitations that cloud computing has faced so far is the transfer rate at which data can be stored. Though large capacity hard drives that carry a very friendly price tag are able to mitigate the storage gap created for lots of companies, lack of bandwidth is still a problem for several companies that have adopted IP phone systems.

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, Thursday September 18, 2014

With IP phones becoming a standard form of equipment for business communication setups, is your existing setup given you the service that you had paid for? Most business owners or companies set up their infrastructure without properly reviewing the total cost it will cost them to put up the entire setup. The surprising thing about a business phone setup is that they happen to one of the largest and most dependent setup of your entire organization, even more so if your business is involved in running a business communication setup. Thanks to VoIP connectivity, several products, ranging from VoIP business phones to cloud hosted PBX systems have started to become extremely popular thanks to the amount of flexibility and cost effective features that come bundled with them.

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, Tuesday September 16, 2014

A cloud hosted PBX system will help your business to thrive in the near future. Here are some ways how a cloud hosted PBX system can improve employee efficiency in an organization. Something that provides money saving shortcuts in an organization is definitely a perk to have. However, money saving only gets you so far. Now, flexibility coupled with money savings is a clear winning combination because having flexibility in an organization will also mean that the employees can improve their level of productivity effortlessly. This is where the role of a cloud hosted PBX phone system works brilliantly for small and medium sized business owners.

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, Thursday September 11, 2014

The arrival of SIP Trunking has given rise to several perks besides ease of communication. It is able to create a balance of work and leisure for the employees.In several parts of the globe, where companies are forced to downsize and either lay off employees or make them work long hours with decreased pay, it has started to become increasingly difficult for employees of a business communication setup to develop a balance between work and leisure

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, Thursday September 4, 2014

IP phone systems are not a nascent form of technology. In fact, Voice over Internet protocol or VoIP phone systems have existed for almost 20 years, and as a result, have become the building blocks for VoIP technology when it was still being made mainstream. There are several benefits of IP phone systems that are forcing VoIP to become the business telecommunications standard; with the primary one being ridiculously economic compared to the previous communication products.

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