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, Friday June 27, 2014

If you end up investing in software based IP PBX telephony systems over a traditional based telephone system; then your mind is making a lot of sense not just to you, but also for companies who already have a PBX. Not only is an IP PBX system able to save you significant amounts of money through the procurement of inexpensive equipment, it is also able to maintenance costs and office space, making it most obvious for you and for your company. Here are several reasons why you should opt for IP PBX telephony systems.

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, Wednesday June 25, 2014

Unfortunately, several forms of equipment present at the office premises (the ones which aid employees and workers with day to day operations) require routine maintenance or replacement cycles which can end up incurring a significant amount of costs for the organization. Additionally, previous generation equipment normally takes up a lot of office space, which causes quite a bit of friction for employees and their level of productivity.

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, Friday June 20, 2014

A private branch exchange or PBX happens to be a system that is able to connect the telephone lines of a company with outside public telephone networks (this will include mobile networks as well). A variant of PBX, called IP PBX is a form of PBX that provides a combination of audio, video, and instant messaging communication. There are several advantages of using a PBX system over a traditional phone system. One of those primary reasons happens to be improved productivity and reduced overheads in an organization.

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, Friday June 13, 2014

A private branch exchange (more commonly known as a PBX) is a telephone exchange that is adopted in a particular business or even an office building. These PBXs are able to make their connections through the internal telephones of a business or organization and connect them to PSTNs, or public switched telephone network. The existence of a traditional hard wired PBX system has given rise to several augmentations in existing technology called cloud computing.

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, Friday June 6, 2014

IP telephony, or Internet Protocol telephony is a term used by businesses that use the Internet Protocol in order to send packet data across connections to make communications such as voice, fax and other mediums of communication possible. Previously, information was sent over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Now, through the extensive use of the internet; calls, fax, and other forms of communication can travel as packets of data on shared lines

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