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, Friday May 30, 2014

SIP Trunking’s functionality to provide a flexible way of communication is used in a number of applications. Banks use SIP Trunking to help the smaller branches communicate with the head branch over their performance while smaller subsidiaries of a main company use SIP Trunking to communicate over performance reviews. This approach is extremely flexible, especially in a situation where two entities are geographically placed several miles apart.

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, Friday April 25, 2014

During the ITW we are looking to establish new business relationships as well as to further grow existing partnerships. Along with VOIP Wholesale we will also be demonstrating some of the great tools which we have developed in house.

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, Monday March 17, 2014

Wavetel is the Gold sponsor at this year’s Carrier Community London. The Annual Global Carrier Wholesale Meeting will be held on 1st & 2nd April 2014 in London one of the main international hub within telecommunication industry.

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