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Cloud based Hosted PBX | Wavetel

  #Business Phone System   #Cloud Based PBX   #Hosted PBX

Tooba Altaf author , Friday January 8, 2016

Hosted PBX is widely accepted by businesses and more companies are jumping on this bandwagon. This surge has given a rise to the hosted PBX service providers. The market is saturated and you will find a number of service providers with competitive features and packages.

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Wavetel | Hosted PBX

  #Business Telecommunication   #Cloud Based Telephone   #Hosted PBX

Tooba Altaf author , Friday January 1, 2016

The telephone system is considered as the pillar of any company for internal and external communication. Often, its contribution is not counted in the success of any company but hosted telephone system plays the perfect role of major support.

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Hosted PBX | Wavetel Limited

Tooba Altaf author , Wednesday December 23, 2015

Customer communications is an integral part of any business – be it business-to-business or business-to-customers. If your customer wants to interact with you, they will call. How you respond to that call will have a great impact on the customer about your company.

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Wavetel Bulk SMS | Enterprise Soultion

  #2-Way SMS   #Bulk SMS   #Business SMS   #Enterprise SMS   #SMS Portal

Tooba Altaf author , Thursday December 17, 2015

SMS marketing has come as a viable option to reach out to end users with precise and targeted messages in recent years. We have compiled data for both SMS and email marketing to give you an overview of their current standing as an effective marketing tool.

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Grandstream GXP-2170 | Wavetel Blog

  # Hosted PBX   # Wavetel   #IP Phone system / cloud hosted PBX systems   #SIP TRUNKING

Wavetel Limited author , Wednesday December 16, 2015

Technological advancements are coming up with far newer ways and techniques on how to remove several limitations from organizations in order for them and its employees to stay productive and efficient. However, these advancements would also force modern day organizations to expeditiously respond to a change to the market at a much quicker pace.

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