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Wavetel Atteding ITW 2015

Omar Sohail author , Wednesday May 6, 2015

The International Telecoms Week 2015 (ITW 2015) is scheduled to take place from May 10-13 and is expected to take place in Chicago, Illinois.As always, where there is a telecom show or event, you can be sure that Wavetel is going to be present showcasing its wide array of services.

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Legacy PBX systems vs. Hosted PBX systems

Omar Sohail author , Friday April 24, 2015

We have heard the differences between legacy PBX systems and hosted ones one too many times but guess what, it is all acceptable in helping a business owner and an entrepreneur make the right decision. What exactly is the right decision? Depends on what you, the business owner, wants it to be. Before making the decision in haste, there is one very important decision that you should make: Determining if a premises-based solution (which involves hardware kept on-site in your office premise),

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Scalability? Why is this term important for modern day businesses

Omar Sohail author , Thursday April 2, 2015

Technological advancements are coming up with far newer ways and techniques on how to remove several limitations from organizations in order for them and its employees to stay productive and efficient. However, these advancements would also force modern day organizations to expeditiously respond to a change to the market at a much quicker pace. One of the terms that we keep on hearing in several organizations is scalability. Scalability is the term used to define the amount of operations that exponentially grow along with the size and functionality of the business. Why does this term matter so much in the world of business?

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Wavetel`s Guide of Knowing Everything about SIP Termination

Omar Sohail author , Wednesday March 25, 2015

The adoption of VoIP is slowly proliferating in popularity thanks to the level of flexibility that it brings for thousands of business owners and regular users alike. In the telecom market, several TELCO companies, if not all, offer their services that are based on VoIP. These TELCO companies also provide a SIP termination and SIP origination service. For the remainder of the guide, you will be debriefed about everything that needs to be known about SIP termination. Here is Wavetel’s guide on SIP termination.

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Omar Sohail author , Wednesday March 18, 2015

To celebrate Capacity Middle East’s 10th year anniversary, an event was held from March 10, 2015 to March 12, 2015 where all the major communication firms and service providers came together in order to showcase their next generation products and offerings that would change the way the globe communicates in the near future.Out of the several delegates and exhibitioners that were present there, Wavetel was one them, exhibiting at booth number 31.

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