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, Thursday January 8, 2015

During the winter season, the harsh climate that is accompanied with it has a propensity of causing a boatload of problems other than creating a hostile and unpleasant environment. Business owners who continue to adopt a legacy PBX system are the ones who have the luck in their business struck out because the harsh climate not onlyends upmaking the call quality extremely choppy, but in majority of the cases, legacy phone cables can also snap since the cold weather contracts these cables to the point that they can easilybe disconnected from one, or both ends.

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, Tuesday January 6, 2015

Prior to the start of the New Year, the holiday season brings out love, peace and harmony among-est the entire social populace. However, not all things start with a brighter morning when the New Year starts. Business owners, who are pressured immensely due to inflating costs and loss of clients, have to re-strategize for their whole 12 month period on what exactly they have to do in order to return their business to profitability and gain back the lost customers who had been with them since the beginning.

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, Thursday January 1, 2015

In a world which is filled with a phalanx of competitors, businesses are struggling to display high levels of profitability and as a result, business owners are forced to take drastic measures that end up killing the business. In the Year 2015, cutting corners such as cost reductionwill be a drastic step that business owners will be willing to take when all hope is lost for the business but if they cannot go to that dark corner, what else are they supposed to do staring in the face of mountingcosts? The answer; switch to a better business communication platform such as Wavetel’scloud hosted PBX. Here are four massive savings that your business will get after switching to Wavetel.

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, Tuesday December 30, 2014

Apart from reliability, security is another element that is demanded from business owners when they want to upgrade their communication platform. Since cloud hosted PBX systems’ equipment are stored at an off-site location, it is believed that this form of communication would be the most unreliable in terms of providing top notch security. However, the fact of the matter is that since cloud hosted PBX systems is a platform that has evolved through the continuous research and implementation of previous platforms,

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, Tuesday December 23, 2014

The holiday season is always going to be something to rejoice about. Discounted deals coupled with an atmosphere that is radiating happiness and love are just a few reasons why thousands of people are always looking forward to this season. However, whilst a major percentage of individuals are given holidays, some business owners have to keep their businesses open due to the nature of their work. During the holiday season, business owners are no strangers to the adverse climate conditions that they have to deal with while doing business but for these business owners, technology has raced at such a pace that it is able to counter the harshest of environments.

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