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, Thursday December 18, 2014

After discussing several advancements in wireless technology that will improve the overall landscape of your hosted PBX environment, we now jump to the wearables section, and check how it will further sculpt and disrupt the ways communication is being done in an organization. While smartphones provided employees and owners an augmented backbone to improve overall productivity of a cloud hosted PBX environment, smartwatches will provide the next jump in advancement.

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, Tuesday December 16, 2014

If you thought that cloud hosted PBX systems were inferior to your traditional legacy PBX systems, you should re-evaluate your skills as a business owner. Cloud hosted PBX systems are the future of business communication and there are several reasons why this platform has started to become a popular system for majority of business owners who not only keep track of the latest and greatest platforms but also those who want to benefit the most from their organization. If you have not switched to the best replacement platform for your legacy PBX system, then here are several perks that will compel you to make the upgrade.

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, Friday December 12, 2014

Before making the upgrade to an IP PBX, you and your business need to know what exactly is an IP PBX. An IP PBX is a form of telephony system (similar to your traditional and might we add obsolete PBX telephony system) that is able to make calls within your organization by taking advantage of the location’s local area network or LAN. In this way, an IP PBX system is able to make calls by sending in data packets over the network, much similar to a computer system being connected to a network. Now that you know that it does, how about we get to tell you 5 reasons why you should discard your existing setup and upgrade to the future of telephony systems; which is IP PBX.

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, Tuesday December 9, 2014

IP PBX phones is just another fancy name given to IP Phones to make them stand out from a traditional PBX phone. While their name is different from one another, so is their functionality. Unlike regular PBX phones, IP Phones utilize the power of VoIP and are able to deliver impressive call quality through LAN connectivity. However, that is not the only difference that business owners like yourself should be aware of. Here are some of the primary differences between IP PBX and regular PBX.

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, Tuesday December 2, 2014

2014 was the year when several business owners made the prudent decision of shifting to different communication setups in order to replace theirdiminishing and unreliable legacy PBX systems. While these business owners should have made the switch at an earlier period in time, it’s always ‘better late than never’. However, for businesses and organizations that are still hooked on to running legacy PBX systems, 2014 is about to come to an end, which only means that you get to have a fresh 12 month period to re-strategize your organization’s overall communication position. In other words, 2015 will hold several opportunities for you.

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