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Why choose us for Business SMS?

It's simple: we do calls better than other providers can.

No need to pre-pay for calls

We charge you a simple pence-per-minute rate for any calls outside your bundle. Microsoft Calling Plans require prepayment for the same service.

More features at your fingertips

We offer call logging, call barring, call forwarding and optional call recording - all as standard! Microsoft Calling Plans don't.

Secure, Stable and Strong

Our service is backed by 99.95% service guarantees, as well as Fraud Spend limits to protect your customers. This is safer than Microsoft Calling Plans.

What's Business SMS?

Everyone has a mobile phone today, which is why business SMS is a great way to keep in touch with customers.

SMS messages, or 'text' messages, are delivered directly to a customer's phone and can't get lost in an inbox. Even better, business SMS allows your customers to message you at times when talking on the phone isn't possible.

With Wavetel's business SMS service you can communicate directly with ease, at highly competitive rates. Wave: a friendly way to talk with customers.

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Why go digital?

If you're looking for a business SMS solution, buying in bulk is the best way forward. Bulk business SMS service allows you to send multiple messages to many different clients, without worrying about costs mounting up. Even better, when you buy business SMS in bulk you end up saving huge amounts per message

Bulk business SMS is the wise approach to SMS communication, and with Wavetel it's both easy to use and competitively priced. Wave: a friendly way to talk with customers.

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Marketing with Business SMS

The advantage of business SMS marketing is that your messages are delivered directly to a customer's phone. SMS is a very intimate way to communicate and sets you aside from online marketers and advertisers. When you send a business SMS, a customer is more likely to read it than if it's an email.

What's more, phones don't filter out business SMS in the same way that email inboxes do, so there's no chance of your message ending up in spam. For the best business SMS marketing, look no further than Wavetel. Wave: a friendly way to talk with customers.

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Is business SMS right for you?

If your business regularly communicates with customers, business SMS is worth considering. Business SMS offers a valuable communication alternative to phone and email, which customers often value. Business SMS is also always delivered and read more often than marketing emails

Because of this, business SMS is a worthy investment for most organisations. If you're not sure whether you need a business SMS solution, you can always give it a go and see how it works. With our bulk business SMS deals, you will get great rates and easy service. Wave: a friendly way to talk with customers.

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Why Wavetel is best for Business SMS

Wavetel is at the forefront of business SMS solutions, offering the latest technology at the best prices. Many business SMS providers don't offer other services, but with Wavetel you can easily integrate your business SMS solution into your wider digital workplace.

We can also offer bulk business SMS as part of a broader package, saving you money and effort. Wave: a friendly way to talk with customers.

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I am seriously happy about this product. Has a lot of powerful features and is so easy to set up!
Erick Alvarez
Grand IT
This thing is one of those tools that everybody should be using. I really like it and with this ease to use, you can just focus on your business!
Karen Jones
Accident Lawyers.