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Why choose us over Microsoft Calling Plans?

It's simple: we do calls better than other providers can.

No need to pre-pay for calls

We charge you a simple pence-per-minute rate for any calls outside your bundle. Microsoft Calling Plans require prepayment for the same service.

More features at your fingertips

We offer call logging, call barring, call forwarding and optional call recording - all as standard! Microsoft Calling Plans don't.

Secure, Stable and Strong

Our service is backed by 99.95% service guarantees, as well as Fraud Spend limits to protect your customers. This is safer than Microsoft Calling Plans.

What is Microsoft Teams?

If you've spent some time in the world of business, you've probably heard of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams creates an online office environment where you can share work, collaborate and chat in real time, even if you're working remotely. With Microsoft Teams, your organisation can communicate quickly and effortlessly regardless of location, allowing for greater efficiency and ease.

Using Microsoft Teams is the best way to get your organisation up to speed and bring it into the digital age, and opens the door for the wonders of direct routing.

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What is direct routing?

What Microsoft Teams has done for the workplace, direct routing does for phone systems. Direct Routing is an online digital phone system, integrated into Microsoft Teams, that allows for easier, cheaper and more efficient telecommunications. Microsoft Teams direct routing is a cost-effective alternative to both Microsoft's own Calling Plans and traditional phone systems. Because everything is online, direct routing allows for easy data access, communication and collaboration, all in a secure environment.

With Wavetel direct routing you get all the functionality of a premium phone system, updated for the digital age.

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What is a SIP trunk?

One of the most important parts of a direct routing system is the SIP trunk and, whilst it sounds complicated, it's actually quite simpl

Traditional phone systems use analog connections to the wider network, called PSTN. Direct routing uses the digital equivalent, which is called an SIP (session initiation protocol) trunk.

This provides your organisation with a secure online phone connection, which is both much cheaper and much quicker than a traditional phone system. Once you have an SIP trunk Microsoft Teams can be securely run, with direct routing, bringing your organisation into the digital age.

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Why is direct routing worth it?

Microsoft Teams direct routing is a more cost effective and customisable option than Microsoft Calling Plans, which is the alternative, and quicker, cheaper and more secure than a traditional phone system

Direct routing provides a strong, secure connection for all your workforce, global coverage for calls and instant online access to all of your data. This is possible because Microsoft Teams direct routing is based in the cloud, with all the heavy computing done remotely, out of your office. As a result, you don't need expensive equipment or data stores, and the system can be patched and upgraded at any time, from anywhere. Because of all of these improvements, direct routing is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to grow and develop.

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Is direct routing right for you?

If you run a business that has a phone system and uses Microsoft Teams, direct routing is an essential upgrade. By bringing your phone system online and integrating it with your organisation's digital workspace, you can streamline your workflow and significantly reduce costs at the same time. Microsoft Teams direct routing cuts down on wasted time, increases productivity and allows for constant, real-time collaboration between your team. By having your whole workspace online, you can manage it more easily and effectively, without ever having to leave your desk

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Why Wavetel is your best bet for direct routing

Wavetel is at the forefront of the direct routing revolution. We have years of experience installing and maintaining a wide array of phone systems, and are experts in transferring them to the online world. As such, we're able to quickly and efficiently transfer your existing infrastructure to your new, digital workspace, resulting in minimal downtime, lower costs and higher efficiency.

Every business has unique requirements, and that's why we provide a fully tailored service built around your needs. Wavetel offers low cost plans for businesses of any size, so there's both an affordable option now and plenty of scope to grow.

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Why choose us over Microsoft

If you’re setting up Microsoft Teams direct routing, you’ve got two options: you can get Microsoft calling plans or go for a third party option, like us. both options offer a range of features, but Wavetel direct routing is the better one by far. With a Microsoft calling plan you pay a lot more for international calls, and have to do so using prepaid calling credit. This is both expensive and annoying, and leads to wasted money and time. What’s more, Microsoft calling plans don’t even support some call destinations! With Wavetel direct routing you can connect with any phone, anywhere, at highly competitive prices.

If that’s not enough to sway you, Microsoft calling plans offer a limited range of features. Call barring, call recording and number presentation are all features of Wavetel direct routing that Microsoft calling plans don’t support. Nine times out of ten, you’re better off going with us. Wave: the friendly way to talk with customers.

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