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Business SMS

Any enterprise, financial institution, developer, retailer and marketer can easily reach their customers with professional business SMS. All it takes is to connect to the Wavetel mobile could service.

Why Choose Wavetel as Your Business SMS Partner

  • 1 Integrate mobile messaging seamlessly and securely into your existing business processes and systems without costly development fees.
  • 2 Developer – Use our REST APIs to enable SMS sending from your apps. 
  • 3 Bulk SMS – Send 100s of messages per second. 
  • 4 2-Way SMS - Get a shared or dedicated number to send and receive SMS. Use a fully-featured 2-Way SMS messaging service for communication and interaction with your clients.


Direct SMS to all UK Networks
2.2 p/sms

No Setup fees

Wavetel have a simple pricing model for all of our outbound SMS text messaging services. We simply charge you per-message for the messages you send.

PrePay Message Prices

Prepay messages allow you to credit your account as and when required.  Messages will remain on your account up to a maximum period of up to 12 months, longer by specific contract - contact us for details.

200+ Direct Connections

We own and manage over 200 direct A2P SMS connections to mobile network operators.

30 minute integration

You are up and running in half an hour , regardless of the technology.

8000+ sms per second

Multiple node available for the highest throughput. No traffic rush can taken by surprise.


  • Worldwide distributed data centres, top industry performance. 
  • Choose how to connect to our in-house developed and maintained platform and scale it to your business needs.
  • Connecting to Wavetel means connecting to 800+ operators in 190+ countries on all continents. 
  • Superior performance through high-end system management and seamless connectivity. 

Get in touch with one of our specialists to set up your free account based on your custom needs. Test out the power of our platform and use it to power your business communications.