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Hosted vs on premise phone system

Comparison chart between wavetel hosted vs on premise phone system, comparing the benefits and savings in detail.

Price comparison based on 20 users

Up-Front Cost

On-premise hardware – PBX, server cards
One-time phone cost
Configuration and training
WaveTel Hosted PBX
Free - Yealink T19PN
Traditional On-Premise PBX Systems
Monthly Cost
Maintenance Cost
Monthly Minutes Plan
Line Rentals (based on 8 lines)
Metered Minutes
Local Numbers for 20 Users
Customer Support
Easy to Use and Manage
Service Contract
Total Monthly Cost
Total Cost in Year 1
Total Cost in Year 2
Total 2 Years Savings With Wavetel
WaveTel Hosted PBX
Minutes Plan Avaiable
24 Months
Traditional On-Premise PBX Systems
Not Available
24 Months
Without savings

Price based on Yeallink T19PN
Call minute plans start from 7.99 and only one plan is required for the whole system
*Without call minutes plan

Unsure about anything or need more information
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Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware will I require on-site?

As the phone system is hosted at one of our data centres the only equipment required on-site would be your handset.

How much bandwidth do I require?

A single call takes 90KB of bandwidth, this can be reduced to 30KB by compressing the call.

Can I port my number from my current supplier eg. BT?

Yes we can port numbers from your current supplier as we have porting agreements in place with most major number providers.

What phones does Wavetel Hosted PBX support?

We support Yealink, Cisco, Polycom VoIP phones and Counterpath softphones. Any analog or cordless phone can also be supported using a Linksys PAP2 analog telephone adapter. 

What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards and invoices for payment.

How long does it take to activate a new account?

Your account is created immediately after you register but activated after review by an account manager. Your free phones will arrive in 5 to 7 business days (depending on shipping method).