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eFax for Business

With Wavetel eFax there is no software to download and no fax machine necessary. Know how to use email? Then you can send and receive faxes. Not only can you avoid the typical fax machine hassles like busy signals, paper jams and waiting for a confirmation but you’ll save hundreds of pounds in line rental charges, fax machine maintenance, print cartridges and paper. Receive, read, sign and send faxes anywhere. No printing. No scanning. No busy signals.


Save green. Go Green

Go paperless and eliminate wasteful expenditures as you help protect the environment. No need to buy expensive supplies, or pay for maintenance or additional fax lines.

Secure Faxing

Never worry about prying eyes on your confidential faxes. With eFax®, your documents arrive directly to your email inbox.

Real, Private Fax Number

Get a unique and private fax number that is not tied to any location or move your existing number over to eFax®.

Fax Multiple Recipients

Need to send a document to multiple people? No problem. eFax® enables you to send the same fax to multiple recipients with one click.

Accessible 24X7 from anywhere

Log in to your portal and send and check your received faxes from anywhere


£ 8.99 /month


1000 mins of fax sending on 01 / 02 / 03 / 0870 numbers
Receive unlimited faxes
Get the personal fax number you want
Add additional fax numbers easily
Fax to email
Access fax from anywhere by logging into portal
Avoid busy signals, paper jams and waiting for confirmations

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